inTouch's consulting services provide technology executives with the information they need to establish confidence levels. inTouch validates project plans, staffing, security, schedules, costs, vendor commitments and capabilities while also identifying opportunities for greater business impact. As an unbiased outside resource, we enhance the relationship between project management and executive steering.

Preventive Action

At the earliest stages of an initiative, inTouch alerts technology management to areas of hidden unacceptable risk. We prioritize the risks by scope and likelihood, then create an action plan for mitigating the most significant exposures.

Ongoing Support

Throughout projects, we advise executives on project performance, acting as an early warning system for preventing embarrassing delays, overruns and shortfalls. We also assist project managers seeking maximum performance from their team.

Competitive Advantage

At all times, we provide insight to our clients on on which technologies, methodologies and vendor recommendations can bring true competitive advantage.


inTouch only works with a handful of clients at any time, assuring you the highest level of attention and quality. Each client is unique, and we flexibly structure our engagement around your requirements.

inTouch Technology Leadership

Founded by Ira Hochman over 20 years ago with the goal of helping companies leverage internetworked information technology, inTouch has assisted mid-size and Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. Mr. Hochman's satisfied clients include Brown Brothers Harriman, Comverse, Concentra, IBM, Illinois Tool Works, Iron Mountain, Nokia, Philips, and Teradyne. He is a graduate of MIT with degrees in Physics and in Computer Science and Engineering.
Ira HochmanPresident & Founder
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